The BRIGHT™ Arm Sleeves

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    Choose style, comfort, and safety with our BRIGHT Arm Sleeves featuring holographic reflections. These high-quality, stretchable sleeves ensure visibility and style whether you're jogging, cycling, or strolling.
    • High-Quality Material
    • Versatile Stretchable Design
    • Enhanced Night Visibility


    Engage in your nightly runs, cycling adventures, or strolls with Bright's Arm Sleeves, and never worry about being invisible in the dark! The moment a car's headlights fall upon our reflective arm sleeve, they light up, ensuring your safety when you're active after sunset. Take the night in your stride, visible and secure with BRIGHT!


    Embrace the dazzle! Whenever a camera flash is on, watch these sleeves burst into an alluring glow in your pictures or videos. Make a radiant statement with BRIGHT!

    How does it work?

    • Choose the correct size for your Athletic FIt!
    • Run and be seen at night!
    • Turn your flash on and BRIGHT Sleeves will ignite with a captivating glow in your photos or video. Make each moment a spectacle with this enchanting glow!

    Care Guide:


    BRIGHT is doing its utmost to bring the most innovative product to the market and we want to make sure you can be part of it without any risk. Here's how: 

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    The BRIGHT™ Arm Sleeves


    Frequently asked questions

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    Free shipping for orders over £55 (Worldwide).

    All orders are shipped with DHL or UPS. A Track & Trace will be sent by email after the order has been processed.

    Yes, our arm sleeves can be hand-washed. However do not iron the sleeve as it will damage the sleeve.

    BRIGHT Arm Sleeves are designed with durable materials to ensure the holographic effect will last over an extended period of time.

    Yes! They are available in two different sizes to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Refer to our sizing chart.

    Not only does it glow in photos and videos, it also glows when a light source such as car headlights shines on it. This will ensure your visibility at night time.

    BRIGHT Arm sleeves are made from 85% Chinlon and 15% Spandex.

    Size Chart
    S/M Length : 40cm Width : 9~12cm
    L/XL Length : 40cm Width : 9.5~13.5cm